body building [WATCH]: Durianrider! How much training do you really do?

July 7, 2013 by: joma12

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Durianrider! How much training do you really do? People ask me all the time how much I do. Its not much at all. I used to watch MORE TV in one or 2 days than what I train now for an ENTIRE week! lol! People seeking weight loss and fitness think you have to train like an olympic athlete a few months out from the olympic trials. Its NOT the case. You just have to be an all around active person and do the things that require movement. Do the activities that you love to do. I don’t like to use the word ‘exercise’ as for me exercise is BORING!! I like to say eat more carbs to live more. I’ve never had a drivers license. Ive cycled all over. You might see me out riding with a Tour De France team or you might see me riding to the fruit market with a bicycle trailer full of bananas. Get out and LIVE! 🙂 Oh yeah train smarter vs harder. tags: exercise training cycling running weight loss bike bicycle Fitness Workout Muscle Body Bodybuilding Ride Health Lose Biking Gym Bodybuilder

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