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July 29, 2022 by: joma12

As amazing as it may seem, with obesity being the global problem that it is, and with the world’s population now heavier than in any previous decade, there are some of us who are actually underweight and desperately need to gain body weight. The reasons for this can vary greatly, from low birth-weight translating into low weight as an adult; inadequate nutrition or malnutrition when young; lack of appetite; or, in some cases, anorexia.
Whatever the reason, it is clear that, unless people who are chronically underweight, gain body weight, they can face a number of problems.
Underweight people do not have physical reserves on which to draw if they become ill. The may be frail and suffer from osteoporosis later in life. They may not be getting sufficient calcium to grow strong bones and may be prone to fractures, particularly in later life.
But how to gain body weight? It is almost as challenging for the underweight as losing weight is for the overweight or obese.
First of all, you need to radically increase your calorie intake, while still making sure you follow a healthy, balanced eating regime. Burgers and fries may bulk you up, but will not improve bone strength, muscle tone or general health. Try to eat five healthy meals a day, consisting of lean meat, fish, nuts, vegetables, fruit, legumes and pulses. Wholegrain and porridge also help to bulk up a lean frame.
Remember that if you are not used to eating a lot you should eat smaller meals more often, rather than trying to force your stomach to tolerate large meals. Introduce increased quantities of food slowly, supplementing with vitamins and protein shakes, if possible.
Certain exercises will help you to bulk up, too, such as weights.
You don’t need to lift weights – just focus on strength training to build muscle and ultimately gain body weight. Join the gym and try a variety of resistance training equipment – avoid running, cycling and so on, however, as you do not want to lose weight. However, don’t remain stationary, either – a lack of any exercise whatsoever is unhealthy, unless your weight is dangerously low.

It is advisable to set yourself goals regarding your calorie intake.
Find out which foods are calorie-dense and try to eat as many of them as you can manage. Avoid fried food, however, as this is not nutritionally wise. Opt for baked or grilled food. Carbohydrates are good, so bulk up with wholegrain pasta and bread, as well as good fats and oils, like those found in oily fish and peanut butter. Avoid sugar, but opt for natural sweeteners, like honey. Dates are also a good source of energy.
Remember that, to gain body weight, you will need to be as patient as if you were losing weight. Weight is not picked up overnight and if you have a small frame to begin with you should be cautious about ‘pushing it’ and overeating. You don’t want to face discomfort and heartburn! Approach weight gain realistically, with sensible outcomes, and you should be able to gain body weight over time.

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