Build Muscle Faster With Mezomorph Body Type Sport Fitness Secrets

May 19, 2023 by: joma12

You’ll see them on the volleyball or football field or the gymnastic competition; they look like Greek gods and goddesses. Their wide shoulders and slim waists resting on top of powerful thighs and well turned calves indicate that these men and women are mesomporphs.

What exactly is a mesomorph?

The mesomorph is a somatype that is built for endurance and heavy work. You’ll find the body type in the gym or on the field. High school coaches look for this type of build for their team sports. They are easily spotted by their uniform shape. Their calves are slightly over proportion to their thighs. The muscles in their thighs are usually larger than those of the other two somatypes and mesomorphs are built very athletically.

These folks can build muscle quickly. When they are out of shape, they can recover and gain mass with a bit of focused effort and consistency. They have well-defined pectorals and deltoid muscles that are typically larger and broader than their waistline. They define the triangular shape we see so often in sports magazines or when left untrained, will have a solid square shape.

When a mesomorph is out of shape, they tend to get chunky and fat.

They develop a square shaped torso and based on their current diet, will get the overhanging spare tire. The good news is that this bodytype sheds fat and burns it up quickly with high impact/high intensity workouts. The goal is to get your metabolism back up and start challenging your muscles to work on progressively heavier loads.

The classic bodybuilder’s diet program works well for the mesomorph bodytype. Eat six small meals a day and get your balance of proteins, good fats and clean complex carbs in each meal.
This will allow you to get nourishment to your cells, curb cravings and stabilize blood sugar levels. If you’ve been out of shape for a long time, your metabolism needs to be improved, so stay away from simple sugars and starches.

Supersets with compound exercises will allow you to quickly pack on muscle while a short duration / high intensity aerobic workout like jump rope or sprints will get your fat burning furnace going in no time.

Try the 15 Minute Power Workout to jumpstart your training. Here is the basic routine:

1. Squats
2. Lunges
3. Bent over rows
4. One leg calf lifts
5. Push ups
6. Crunches
7. Arm and leg lifts
8. Chest press
9. Bicep curls
10.Standing dumbbell side lift
11.Rotator cuff rotation
12.Overhead shoulder press
13.Lateral raise
14.Tricep extensions or dips

You’ll do each exercise for 1 minute. Exercises that require you to switch sides are done for 30 seconds a side. You will go at a maximum intensity and forget about counting reps. Each set is completed to near muscle failure. Your bodyweight exercises can be adjusted to meet your maximum stress level by changing tempo, intensity or position.

This should get most mesomorphs up to speed in no time. Get plenty of rest and graduate to two giant sets of 15 minutes each per workout.

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