Can Vegetarians Really Get Big Muscles?

October 25, 2021 by: joma12

You probably know by now that most guys and girls who build muscle will eat plenty of protein (especially whey shakes) of which meat is a great source. So is it really possible to be a vegetarian and build muscle?

Deficiencies Or Not?

Most people think that it must surely be tough to get enough protein if you can’t eat meat. Also, animal products contain more of the essential fats that you need which are difficult to obtain from non-animal, vegetarian sources. But the truth is that it can be done if you want to, let’s see how.

Bill Pearl

Bill Pearl is maybe the most famous vegetarian bodybuilder. He won Mr. Universe twice, over a decade apart each time. Bill is a lacto-ovo vegetarian which means that he does still eat dairy products. This allows him to still rely on the great source of protein that is whey shakes.

He also still eats eggs – a fantastic muscle building food.

How To Get Your Fats?

Omega fatty acids are essential for muscle building. The best source of these is fish oil. You can either eat fish or take capsules. If this is definitely not an option for you then a good alternative is flaxseed oil. Get the good stuff which comes from the fridge or else get your own flax seeds and crush them yourself in a pestel and mortar and add them to your protein shakes or other meals.

The Answer

So the answer is a resounding “yes” – you definitely can build muscles even if you cannot eat animal products – you just need to pay close attention to your diet and nutrition.

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