Can Women Practice Body Building?

May 10, 2020 by: joma12

People have tendency to think of body building as an exclusive sport for men only. However, this is no true and there are women in the world practicing body building daily. There is no specific reason to exclude women from playing this sport as it doesn’t require anything even remotely related to gender differences.

Practicing Body Building Exercises

Bodybuilding is another example of successful women attempts in men areas. Since their historical emancipation, you can see women practicing various manly activities such as military, sports, technical, hunting and the list can go on. There are successful women pilots, soldiers, football players, mechanics and many more proving once again that women of today are more independent, tough and up for the challenge.

Talking about bodybuilding, one cannot name anything special about the exercises designed for such a physical activity. This suggests a perfectly accurate idea that both men and women can achieve great results at practicing body building. All human beings are constructed according to similar biological patterns and have the same number of muscles. That means women can very easily accomplish results just as men can.

The main difference between men and women when practicing muscle building sports is of a hormonal nature. When exercising, men are aided by testosterone, which is, amongst other features, a muscle building hormone, while women have increased levels of estrogen. This is known as a fat building hormone. The result is that women have the tendency to accumulate fat faster than men especially once they stopped exercising.

Some could argue that women are not designed to build muscles because it doesn’t look good on them. Of course it does, well defined muscles look good on anyone. Since muscles are there anyway, body building exercises can help women make them more toned and lose some of the extra fat, the result being a better and sexier look for themselves.

There are plenty of advantages to sustain the fact that women could very well practice body building exercises. Now, besides the ones mentioned previously, an increased muscle mass can help women build up confidence in standing up for them, as well as a higher capability of defending themselves in case they need to. A good body building exercise program will keep women in great shape, healthier and sexier looking.

The major disadvantage in practicing body building is that women can easily gain extra pounds if they suddenly stop exercising. Neglecting their body building program should be avoided by women who want to take up this sport, or else they will end up disappointed and demoralized by the sudden weight gain.

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