Gaining Weight ? Put On Muscle Mass To Gain Weight

May 9, 2023 by: joma12

Building the human body is not something impossible but it needs the right techniques and insistence. Many people who are trying to build their bodies want to do two things; first to lose fat so they show off their muscles, second is to build big muscles. Actually it seems difficult to do both things at the same time for many people but at least the bodybuilder should maintain muscle mass while losing fat.

The right techniques to gain weight depends on two main things, first to take in calories more than your body is burning every and each day, second to do weight training in order to bulk up. This way you will be gaining the right type of weight not just extra fat stored in different parts on your body which could be very dangerous. Extra fat will not only make you move less and can’t do some activities but also could be very dangerous on your health and can lead to serious medical conditions. So you need to stay away as far as you can from gaining fat.

In the other hand weight training alone could be very dangerous. Weight training makes your muscles need a lot of energy, if you were fat may be your body will burn that fat and use it as a source of energy, but you don’t have extra fat so what your body will do? Simply it has no choice but to use muscles itself as a source of energy which leads to wasting of muscle. Believe me you don’t want to be in that situation.

Your body needs the three main food components which are carbohydrates, protein fat. You need to eat all of these components in a balanced and the sum of calories added by all of them should be about 500 calories.
Test it for a month or so, if you are not gaining weight then add more 500 calories.

Finally remember that you are not a machine. Many people especially beginners think that they can eat as much as they can and do a lot of weight training and they will gain weight very fast. Well if you did so you will be like committing suicide. Your body need to rest so the muscles can recover from the hard weight training exercises you are doing. What many people do and it works very well for them is to exercises three days per week. So make your plan to exercise with weight training in Monday, Wednesday and Friday for example. This way you are giving your body enough time to recover and build up.

Now listen up, stop looking for the magic solution and start from now to exercises and make changes to your diet. Just test it this the only way that you will be convinced if this works or not. If it didn’t work for you in the next two month or so then you may need to see your doctor, actually you can make this visit tomorrow and make sure that you have no disease stopping you from gaining.

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