Getting Bigger Muscles With Protein Shakes

August 30, 2021 by: joma12

Selecting Your Protein Supplements

So you are arriving at the gym day-after-day and lifting as much as you can lift. Well you’re well aware that lifting is only half of what you need to build muscle. The other half is what you eat. It’s recommended that you gave a gram of protein for every pound of body weight. Now that can be quite difficult and expensive if you plan on doing it with groceries. But there is an alternative and that is protein supplements. With about 1 scoop of a protein supplement you can get up to 25 grams of protein and it takes about 2-5 min to prepare and another 5 min or so to consume.

If you’ve already bulked up and are looking to maintain or start getting cut then you should go with a low carb supplement. This will give you the same amount of protein as the high carb supplement but since it won’t be packing on the carb as well you’ll be able to maintain burning more calories than putting on. This is a good choice for those that have reached the size in which they had aimed for and now want to get the shape there going after.

By no means should you just rely on protein supplements as your source of protein. It is important for all those that are looking to build muscle to eat a balanced dose of protein as well. This can start with some eggs for breakfast then maybe some chicken or tuna for lunch.

Keep the consummation of your protein drinks to one in the morning, one after you your workout and maybe even one between your meals if you are getting hungry. A good breakfast is one scoop of your protein supplement, water, 3 spoons of fibre and about 2 scoops of oatmeal in a blender. You can add fruits to that as well and it will really give you the energy you need to make your day as productive as possible.

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