Joggers Stroller – Tips to Remember Before You Head Out For a Run

May 20, 2020 by: joma12

Jogging strollers have become quite popular in recent years as caregivers have discovered they do not need to sacrifice exercise or time with their child when they can accomplish both using a jogging stroller. If you have just purchased a jogging stroller, it is important to learn a few operating tips that might be a bit different than what you are used to when using a basic baby stroller. When taking the stroller out for jogging sessions remember to strap your child in securely, shift the child to different positions during the run periodically, make sure the child is dressed properly for the elements and make sure you are not going too fast that you are not in control of the stroller. This article will explore operating tips that are unique to jogging strollers that may not apply to regular strollers.

When securing the little one for the ride, make sure you use the full 5 point harness and it is fastened securely at all points. You do not want the passenger leaning to the side potentially getting little fingers in the spokes. Sudden stops may occur, so having the child securely fastened in will prevent the child from slipping out of the stroller. If you find your child is getting fidgety in the harness take a five minute break to let them walk or simply readjust their sitting position.

As mentioned above, you may find that your child starts to fidget. Take stops and change the position, lower or raise the seat back or add or remove a blanket. This is especially important in toddlers who cannot move as easily by themselves.

When preparing for a run, you may be dressed in shorts and a t-shirt in anticipation of a long run, but remember the passenger will be taking the brunt of the headwind and will not be exerting any effort so they will react differently to the elements.
On cold days remember a blanket, on hot days apply sunscreen and adjust the canopy for maximum shade.

With today’s finely engineered strollers, it is very easy to go quite fast, too fast in fact. You can gain enough momentum, especially on inclines no matter how slight, where it is easy to lose control. You do not want to be chasing a runaway stroller, it’s not funny unless it is in a movie!

After purchasing a jogging stroller, take it out for a few practice runs to get a feel for how it operates. Then and only then bring a passenger along. For your first trips together, stick to familiar, flat terrain (pavement is best). You will find if you master the stroller and then include these tips when preparing for the run, you and your child will have a great time every time. 

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