Jogging Career Path

June 11, 2020 by: joma12

Although the notable jogger Bannister temporarily withdrew from the sports, he is also appealed by the jogging. He has the same attitude for jogging with those little people. Several days ago, he answered a question about his running condition in a typical British tone. He had a car accident in the past, so he loses the ability to jog. When he was in good health condition, he had been jogging 5 miles in seven days. So, he feels uneasy and sad. If you don’t mention about the function of the running, you have to talk about how jog improve the other sports. Especially, we should pay attention to the effects in the psychological activities. For example, my wife is a traveler. According to her theory, If she doesn’t make a long distance journey, her life is incomplete. Jogging can bring much fun to the journey. Because run is the best way to research a place. In the past I have been a lot of places to jog. I have jogged in the river bank of the Vienna and in the grasses fields. But, joggers could cause a lot of matters. And the description of the psychological factors is not complete. There is one physician made such a view. Running excessively can make the mental problems more sharp. Especially in the marathon matches, joggers can leave their spouses alone in the intense preparation time. The wife of a Olympic athlete said that it is difficult to be the wife of an athlete. Their husbands always go to the competition.

If the joggers love the jogging very much, they may regard the jogging as the first thing to do. They may put aside their relatives and work. A student in the Lafayette College told me his story. There is a time that he hoped to figure out the relationship between his jogging life and his future dream. He told his mother that he wanted to achieve his lifetime dream to be a jogging lover. He hoped to obtain a easy position so that he can have time to jog. When his mother heard his sentences she was worried about him. Afterward, a jogger spoke his jogging story to me. His spouse has put down the last chance to him. Because she was so bored to change her time table to adapt her husband’s running plans. At last, she told her husband that he has to make a decision between his family and running habit. He gave her a reply in an easy voice. Making a decision is not a hard thing.

Long time ago, I have made a research about the jogging technique. After studying this amazing sport, I changed my mind about the world. Now, I have to admit that the most common movement is jogging in the whole world. And I even put jogging into my own health plan. The same as the other joggers, I run for health and keeping fit. Contrast to the other movements, running looks like the easiest action. We just need a pair of shoes and a road. At first, I just could endure twenty or thirty minutes. But later, I could participate in the marathon match. Running in the long distance is consistent with my characters. In the jogging I can feel fun and comfortable. Perhaps running is the most beneficial movements in my life. So I like running.

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