Jogging – How I Started Jogging

July 27, 2020 by: joma12


When I was growing up I played organize sports, such as baseball and football. I hated to run on the track and when I started my adult life I did no exercises at all.

That lasted till I was about 35 years old when I found it difficult to mow the yard. To aide in my physical demise, I was smoking about a pack and a half of cigarettes a day. Seeing how I probably would not reach 40 years old, I decided I needed to start living healthy.

One of the things I did was join a health club and took some instructions from the employees who worked there. One thing they suggested was I take up jogging.

Pros And Cons Of Jogging

Some of the benefits of jogging I found was:

I lowered my pulse rate down to about 48 beats per minute.
Makes you look at feel good
There are also some negative benefits to running such as:
It is hard on your joints, especially your knees
It could be dangerous if you run on the roads

How I Started

Having not run since high school, I felt it would be a difficult challenge for me. So I took the challenge, got some running shoes, shorts and took off.

I was instructed to start slow, like only jog about a quarter of a mile a day and build up from there.
I started off at a quarter mile and did this for about two months. Then I decided to try a half-mile, I found that to be a piece of cake. Soon I was running a mile, then two miles.

After a year I took on an organized run of 6.2 miles or what is referred to as a 10 K. I did my first 10 K in about 46 minutes, which is not too shabby for a beginner.

I climaxed my running days by running in the annual 4th of July 10 K road race in Atlanta, Ga. called the Peach Tree Road Race. Because of arthritis, I have since retired from running and ride the stationary bike for about 17 miles a day.


If you are thinking about taking up jogging, get some good running shoes and start off slow. Running a quarter of a mile at first is a good start. Before you know it you will be running 10 K races.

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