Muscle Building Exercises – Top 2 Exercises to Build Your Upper Body Fast

January 30, 2023 by: joma12

Did you know it’s possible to work your entire upper body thoroughly with just 2 simple exercises?  There are many muscle building exercises to choose from but in all cases the most basic exercises without using fancy machines are always the best for developing raw strength and massive muscles.  Any exercise that requires you to move your own body through space like push-ups, squats, pull ups, and deadlifts will develop your body the quickest.

Build You Upper Body Fast

If you are looking to add a nice V taper to your back, rounded shoulders, developed pectorals, and well muscled arms then you should implement a simple superset of pull ups and dips for a full upper body workout that will save you time in the gym and be more effective than many workouts that include multiple muscle building exercises.  

Pull Ups

Pull ups are the king of muscle building exercises for the upper back and arms.  This exercise is so versatile because you can change the hand grips from close to medium to wide and you can also reverse the grip.  Each variation will work your back and arms a little differently hitting the muscle fibers everywhere.  If you are struggling to add mass to your arms then try adding reverse grip pull ups.  As you add weight around your waist making the exercise harder and harder your arms will compensate and grow along with your back.  A beginner will find this a more effective way to build arms then by doing endless sets of bicep curls.  If you are unable to do a pull up then you have to start out slow and do partial pull ups until you can do a full range of motion.  Some gyms have a pull up assist machine where you can rest your knees on a platform that will push you up and you can gradually decrease the amount of help you get from week to week until you are doing them without the help of the machine.


Dips are one of the most phenomenal muscle building exercises for your upper body.  They will develop the chest, front deltoids, and triceps adding mass across the entire front of your upper body.  This is another exercise that can be done on an assist machine until you can do them without help.  Once you are strong enough to add a weight belt around your waist and starting adding extra resistance you will start seeing the muscle mass build quickly.

The Superset

Here’s a way to incorporate the two exercises into one workout that is efficient and quick.  You will perform 1 set of pull ups and then rest for 1 minute.  Then perform 1 set of dips and rest for 1 minute.  This would be 1 full superset.  If you have never done this before start off by doing 3 sets of 6-10 reps of each and work up to 4-5 sets.  Make sure to keep a workout log tracking how many reps you do for each set and try to beat your last workout every time you go to the gym.  If you constantly strive to improve your body will reward you with new muscle gains.  If you are looking to beef up your upper body quickly try these two muscle building exercises for quick discernible results.

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