Muscle Exercise – 5 Muscle Exercise for Men!

May 25, 2023 by: joma12

With 5 Muscle Exercise For Men at home, men will have wonderful muscles and sexy body. That 5 muscle exercises will focus on some muscle groups. Reduce training time at the gym but still can help men improve fitness.

1. Push exercise: 

Push and pull on the floor will focus on the chest muscle. You can change hand positions to create effects for the other effect to your other groups of muscle.

2. Dual bar exercise:

This exercise is similar to trying to pull your body up off the ground. These actions have a lot of benefits to arm muscles and you always feel the muscles stronger. They also provide good results with the shoulders and chest muscles. 
There are 2 types:

– You can Train with the bench (most easily done at home)
– Practice with two parallel crossbar.

You can increase the difficulty by lifting the foot off the ground to put more power into the hands.

3. Belly muscle training

This action is the practice when you sit down, legs stretched or squeezed to create a V-shaped. Body leaned back on, put his hands bend on the nape, and stooping forward, to practice the muscles in the abdominal. To reinforce the exercise, you may practice with weight, elastic band or leg restraints. If you want a simple exercise to bring more effective, you can try many different exercises for the abdomen, such as lower abdominal muscles, the muscles and oblique muscles on the back…
with the sports ball.

– Stooping, hands touch the toe.
– Lying position with legs stretching like cycling.
– Lies down, try to touch your feet and heels.

4. Exercises with bar mounted on the wall:

Obviously some people can not do this if you do not have bar in the house or something like that, trainning with the bar on the wall is one of the very best exercises for torso, muscular arms, back and shoulder muscles. When doing this exercise, you can change the distance between the two hands, you will achieve results in the other muscle groups

5. Leg muscles:

This action is a form as you squat posture, but sitting on two legs. This is the best exercises for calves and core muscles. By this exercise, you will see results in excess energy consumption in the body and can easily raise the difficulty of training. You can practice with weights or with wires to increase the difficulty of the training. With this kind of exercise, you should start simple and then gradually raise the difficulty up.

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