Really Get an Acai Berry Free Sample – Acai Trial Info So You Don't Get Ripped Off

April 30, 2020 by: joma12

You can actually get an acai berry free sample or many free samples and not get scammed, but you must know some very valuable information about the free-trials so you don’t wind up getting trapped. Most people believe that these free acai trials just give out free acai without any catch, however that is the furthest thing from the truth. In this article you will get to understand what this sneaky tactic is that is used in these free trials and how to correct it so you can really get as many free sample of acai as you like.

Sneaky Online Free Trials

Even though these free trials are the best way to get a free sample you must first know and understand how they work so you don’t get ripped off. On the terms of service or on the acai offer there is a part where it states that you will receive another supply of acai once your trial has ended and even have to pay for it (its charged on your credit card automatically). It is written in small print though and is usually missed or skimmed over by most of the customers. This is something that you must be aware of and is something that definitely do not want.

So How Do We Get Free Acai Then

To correct this problem to get your acai berry free sample what is needed to be done is actually quite simple but must be done. After you sign up for your free sample try to phone or email the company soon after or within the first week of the trial and simply say to them that you just want the free sample of acai and would like to cancel.
This is what really works and they will stop the shipment of the next acai out to you and you will only receive the free acai. The reason why it works is because these firms know already in advance that they are going to make some serious money off those consumers that didn’t read the small print or neglected it, so they don’t mind if a few informed customers actually cancel.

So if you want to really get an acai berry free sample without having to pay for more acai being delivered to you, please take a minute and do this simple task. Also, if you want more than just one sample all you need to so is to do the same thing with another company that offers a worthy free trial.

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