Weight Gain and Insomnia

July 11, 2024 by: joma12

Sleep is an inevitable condition of a living body. Without sufficient sleep a person tends to suffer from insomnia. It is a condition which is associated with poor health and weight gain. In the present fast moving technological atmosphere people are deprived of good night sleep. The use of television, internet, and cell phones keeps the brain busy through out the day leading to poor health, accumulation of fat and thereby weight gain.

Hormones controlling weight gain

Insomnia can lead to weight gain. Getting few hours of sleep invites hormonal disruption. There are certain hormones that control the body’s energy levels. These are Ghrelin and Leptin. Ghrelin is a hormone which controls appetite and is also balance growth hormone. It is produced by epithelial cells inside the stomach. Leptin is a hormone which suppresses the appetite and speed up metabolism. It was found out that patients suffering from primary insomnia do not have any nocturnal levels of these two hormones. But recent studies have revealed the fact that a decline in the level of ghelin would increase weight.

A patient suffering from sleep loss tends to eat more during hormonal changes. They are unable to do any work or enjoy life. Eating chocolates are known to be great stress breakers but with less amount of sleep it is not going to do any good to the body. Mental stress curtails a person’s social life; his physical well being may be deprived of health. There are many other reasons for a person suffering from secondary insomnia to gain weight. Intake of medicines might create hormonal changes in a patient’s body and thereby leading to side effects and surprisingly increase in weight.

Lack of sleep increases hunger and affects the body’s metabolism which might create weight gain.
Sleep loss hinders growth hormones in our body. A decrease in the level of growth hormone reduces the capability to lose fat. Sleeplessness create less deep sleep and deep sleep is a very essential criterion to recover the energy levels of the body lost during the day.

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