Weight Gain During Perimenopause

December 23, 2022 by: joma12

It use to be 5 pounds were easy to lose. A couple of weeks on a diet, an extra aerobic class and it was gone. Chances are if you a 40+ woman, 5 pounds now turns into 6, then 7 and so on, and so on. Our bodies are not letting us get away with that extra slice of cake anymore. Sometimes it seems even if you are doing everything right, the weight won’t come off.

A good diet is essential for losing weight. It’s very important to main good blood sugar levels through perimenopause and beyond. Most symptoms such as cramps, weight gain, heavy bleeding and fibroids will subside with a good diet.

But what is a good diet? A diet with lots of lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables is good. Essential oils like omega 3’s are very important and can be found in fish, olive oil, pumpkin seeds and flax seed. Study the Glycemic Index and make sure you eat foods that are low on the glycemic scale. Eating these foods will help you maintain an even blood sugar level. If you don’t like the scale to measure your weight, keep an eye on your waist. Make sure you waist doesn’t exceed 34.5 inches. Anything beyond that puts you at risk for heart disease.

Three small meals a day with light snacks in between will help keep your blood sugar levels stable. Protein at each meal such as fish, eggs, turkey and chicken will help keep hunger at bay. Carry snacks like hard boiled eggs, string cheese, and a few nuts and seeds with you so when hunger strikes, you won’t be tempted to cheat.

Also, drinking lots of water and green tea will help the body stay fit and lean. Green tea has catechin polyphenols in it which help speed up your body’s metabolism. A dehydrated body won’t release any weight for fear of never getting any more water.
Keep yourself well hydrated to lose weight faster.

Although there haven’t been any studies done, many women claim the supplement Sam-e helps them lose at least 10 pounds. Sam-e balances the liver enzymes. A congested liver cannot metabolize properly. Sam-e also helps balance the neurotransmitters in the brain helping with other symptoms of perimenopause and menopause like depression and moodiness. If you supplement with Sam-e. it’s important to also use a high quality Complex B vitamin so Sam-e will assimilate properly.

Perimenopause and menopause doesn’t have to be difficult. A good diet with adequate exercise will help relieve many symptoms of perimenopause.

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