Essentials of Fast Muscles Gain – How to Gain Muscle Quickly

February 25, 2023 by: joma12

Let’s face it; we are a society of quick fixes. Even the more experienced bodybuilders who should know better sometimes fall for the latest hype about a product that promises fast muscles gain. But can you really gain muscle fast?

Well, you can gain muscle fast, but don’t expect miracles. The essentials of fast muscle gain can be broken down as follows:

1. Stimulus: This means good old work. You must be prepared to put in the work that will stimulate your muscles to grow. The best and quickest way is by learning scientific methods of lifting weights. Establish a weight training program and stick to it. Hire a personal trainer or buy books and videos to learn the proper techniques.

2. Nutrition: This can never be stressed enough. To build muscle you have to gain lean weight. Even if you are overweight today from the wrong kind of tissue (fat), you still have to gain lean mass. Yes, sounds a little strange in a society where weight loss is almost an obsession, but it is a fact. What will build up lean mass is extra caloric intake. But this caloric intake must be quality, not just empty calories. Eat several meals with a balanced ratio of carbohydrate, protein and fat every day.

3. Progressive resistance: In order for your body to keep growing you should keep challenging it with progressively heavier weights, increased repetitions, or increased sets. The more advanced you get the harder it will seem to increase the weight utilized and the increases will get smaller. This is normal, but can be extremely frustrating especially when it seems to last too long.

4. Intensity: Whether you prefer to use lighter weights and higher repetitions or heavier weights and lower repetitions, maximum workout intensity should be your goal.
This means working the muscle to the point of failure or slightly beyond. You should vary intensity on different days though, by going heavier with fewer repetitions some days or light with high repetitions other days. This helps target different types of muscle such as fast twitch or slow twitch muscles.

5. Full range: If you’ve been to the gym often, you may have observed the guy who slaps on the plates and the proceeds to do the movements, none of which are done to full range. This may be a training technique for the advanced athlete but for most people it won’t do much good. Always perform the full range of motion by lifting the weight all the way and bringing it back all the way down. Of course, you should never lock out joints, nor should you lower the weight past a certain point or you risk injury.

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