The History Of Jogging Strollers

July 10, 2023 by: joma12

Believe it or not, jogging strollers have a fairly long history.  Their beginnings to all the way back to the 1980s and were an outgrowth of the “Me” generation.  The original strollers were a sight to be seen.  They were big and could easily take over the sidewalk.  The tires themselves were enormous when compared with regular strollers and were focused on one task only which was allowing people to jog or run with them.  In this respect, they were effective.  However, their limitations led to a number of improvements.  Here, we take a look at those improvements.

One area that was a problem for previous jogging stroller owners was that the strollers were simply too big in size.  This created a problem because it would discourage their daily use and limit them to only be used when someone wanted to go jogging.  They were also a road jog as their width was much larger than other strollers and people so they were a bit of an embarrassment to those who used them as they would literally run people off the sidewalk.  These problems led to stroller manufacturers to make some changes to the design.  You will now find wheels that are about half the size of the original models and more closely mirror those of regular strollers.  The design of the stroller is also more streamlined so the overall weight and width has been reduced too.  The result is a stroller that more people are comfortable using.

A second area that was a problem in the past was the jogging stollers were limited in how they could be used.  Since the front wheel was locked, it was not designed for sharp turning and along with its large size made an ineffective stroller for any other purpose but jogging or running.  The good news for modern customers is that you will now find that the front wheel can be locked or unlocked.  By locking the wheel, it will operate like a standard jogging stroller.  However, if you unlock the front wheel, it provides a tremendous amount of maneuverability.  This maneuvering makes it easy to make sharp turns in tight spaces.  The result is that you can now use the new strollers in a wide array of different settings like retail stores, grocery stores, etc.  This versatility of use is very helpful as it allows people to get more out of their stroller without sacrificing the “jogging” aspect.  Plus, they still reap the benefits of getting tires that have shock absorption which make it easier to navigate over curbs, medians and uneven ground.  All these things can be challenges for traditional strollers so it is nice to have a stroller that can combat these issues effectively.

Of course, these are not the only improvements customers can find.  The newer jogging strollers also have more style options than in the past and have improvements in storage capacities as well.  This all adds up to show that manufacturers have been listening to customers to the point where the current jogging strollers are increasing in popularity and taking market share from traditional strollers.  The future looks bright for these strollers.

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