Why People Gain Weight

February 23, 2023 by: joma12

There are a thousand and one diets, pills, regimens and supplements that will help any individual lose weight. A quick look at the internet will show you a ton of materials on what you can do to lose weight. Lots of websites show you what you can do to get rid of the weight for a fee or for free. The thing is this sells because there are a lot people out there who really need the succour and help so that they could lose the weight.

While some people have been successful, even more people have failed at it. The reason being that instead of treating the root cause of their problems, they decided to focus on the symptoms and the externalities. Any wonder someone loses 60 pounds in 6 months only to gain it back within 2 months. The key to really solving these problems is looking at what the root causes are. An in depth look at these will help explain why people are gaining weight and if these issues can be fixed, then people are more likely to walk and live freely without any fear of getting fat or overweight.

1. Emotional Instability

There is such a thing as comfort eating. Simply explained, it is the body’s process of trying to avoid pain, seek comfort and make it more bearable. This is readily seen in people who have lost a loved one either to the cold hands of death or as a result of a breakup in a relationship. People like this tend to binge on food and can just stay in front of the TV eating anything from pop corns and soda to fried chicken and steaks. The only movement people like this make is to either get to the urinary, the bathroom or to get food. Every other thing does not matter. Folks in this category need help psychologically before even embarking on any diet.


If you are lazy and detest exercising, then you fall in this category. A large majority of the population do not exercise simply because they feel too lazy to do it. For many of these guys, the thought of jogging or running is scary. People like this tend to do nothing about it even when they know they should be getting some form of exercise. All these people need is a little motivation. Simply helping them to get off their butts or having a partner with the same goal can cheer them up.

3. Greed and Bad habits

Most of us grew up not thinking too much about looking slim. All we wanted was just that box of chocolate or a bowl of ice cream. The largest number of obese and overweight people falls in this category. All people in this category really need to do is get rid of their bad habits or substitute them with better ones. Simple exercises such as cutting back on their food intake and keeping away from high fat foods coupled with exercise will get them in the right shape.

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