Do You Want to Get Ripped Like Hugh Jackman? Try His Work Out Program

May 4, 2024 by: joma12

If you want to know how Hugh Jackman got ripped and gained explosive muscle mass for the movie X-Men Origins Wolverine, then continue reading this article for the inside scoop. Hugh Jackman workout program was designed by a personal trainer named Michael Ryan. It was designed with the intention of gaining mass then muscle definition. What are the results of his workout program? If you have seen the trailer for the movie X-Men Origins you’ll know what I’m talking about!

The bodybuilding program that Jackman used relied on several sound principles; muscle confusion, a program designed to constantly mix several different exercises and continuously shocks and stimulates the muscles into growing. Hugh Jackman has been working on his Wolverine Body for a year. Here’s the workout Program used by Jackman to transform his 40 year old body into super hero shape for the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

A word of caution, this is a very intense workout routine, and is only recommend for those readers who have a lot of workout experience and a high level of physical fitness as this program is designed for an athlete.

1) The Strength Training Phase: This phase focused on lifting Hugh’s maximum weight around 90 – 100 percent of the maximum amount of weight that Hugh could safely lift in one rep with no re guard to tempo.

2) The Gaining Muscle Phase: This phase focused on changing the tempo that Hugh had been lifting to force the muscles to respond and adapt which ultimately led to muscles grow.

3) The Explosive Lifting Phase: The last phase concentrated on three weeks of explosive lifting. Michael Ryan had Hugh lift the weight to a tempo of three-second count up and then a one-second count down.
The last week of this phase, was a mixed routine by which Jackman would lift one day and fill the other days with yoga, pilates, running and stretching.

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