Putting Together a Winner's Weight Lifting Program

November 20, 2023 by: joma12

To create a power packed physique worthy of a superhero status, you will need a solid weight lifting program that will maximize your body’s weight and convert it to muscle and pure strength. What do need to know about effective bodybuilding workouts? They must be intense, varied and catered to your specific body type.

High-intensity workouts usually work well with those who plan to gain a significant amount of body mass in a relatively short period of time. Some people prefer to build up on momentum and bulk over a period of around three months which is fine if that is best suited for your body. You will probably need a combination of both but the important thing is that you give every session your best effort.

If you want to get big muscles in a hurry, your first instinct is to hit the gym everyday for a few weeks. This is actually more detrimental to your body than it is beneficial. Rest in between workout days to allow your body to repair the torn tissues during exercise, making it grow and develop to what you recognize as muscles. You can split your weight lifting program into specific muscle groups per day to better plan your schedule. This has been proven effective to many bodybuilders and trainers alike.

A three day split would give you something like this: day one- chest, arms and abs; day two- back, shoulders and abs; and day three- legs. You can concentrate on getting a lot of sleep and good food in during the four days you’re not in the gym. If you have more time in your hands and prefer to split up your routines over five days you can follow the following program: day one- legs; day two- shoulders; day three-back and abs; day four- shoulders and arms; and day five- chest and abs.

There are many exercises you can use for the different muscle groups.
You can never go wrong with squats and crunches but even then, you need to vary them every few weeks to keep your body driven to its maximum potential. You don’t need a lot of fancy machines; many people can do with several heavy dumbbells, cables, a bench and bars to do pull ups if you have them. Some of the exercises you can try are bicep curls, dumbbell shrugs, bench press, lat pull downs and triceps kickbacks for the upper body; and lunges, calf raises, leg raises, crunches and squats with your lower body.

When you begin working out, you will start with lower weights and higher reps. Gradually you will increase the weights so your muscles are strained and will develop faster. For bodybuilding purposes the weight load you should be lifting should have you doing 7-12 reps until failure. This means that by the 8th or 9th rep your muscle is so exhausted you need to rest a few seconds.

Lastly, make sure you make time to stretch properly before starting your session and in between sets. Stretching increases your body temperature and helps your flexibility which makes your body perform its best during the training. It also stretches the connective tissues, creating space for more muscle to grow into.

Bodybuilding workouts are only as good as the dedicated individual who will see his program through. Exercise caution in your training even while you give it your all every single time. For a winner like you, there is no room for average anyway.

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